Pozzi Oreste S.r.l.  is a company founded in 1936, today it is acknowledged as a specialist in the production of posts, fasteners and other components for the manufacture of commercial vehicles in Italy, Europe and other parts of the world, thanks to the experience acquired for well over 50 years.

By virtue of our passion, experience and continuous technological research, we achieve high quality safe products. Relying on Pozzi Oreste srl means believing in new technologies but at the same time trusting in an ancient manufacturing tradition implemented over decades.

Our products stand out in terms of quality, strength, durability and functionality, satisfying the expectations of our customers, considering that our manufacturing process is carried out exclusively in Italy.

Moreover our technical department that deals with research and development; is suitable in order to provide customized solutions to meet every need of any customer.

This site contains our updated catalogue and offers a source of information for visitors about our products as well as for browsing our web pages so as to become thoroughly familiar with our production reality.


The Founder:  Sir Oreste Pozzi,

He begins his career during the war, assembling… continue >>